Houses, Gardens

by Worries

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released April 28, 2015

Worries is:
William Gartrell
John Paul Decker
Luke Niemoczynski

All songs and lyrics written by Worries.
Recorded by John Paul Decker and Jack McCarthy.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jack McCarthy.
Album art and layout by William Gartrell.

Thank you to our friends and family for the constant support and love: Jack McCarthy, Brandon Scott, Jerry Connor, James Barrett, and the Scranton crew. Danny Chapman, The Mellowells, Paradrei, Adam Fuehrer, Eric Kennedy, Tim Lupia, and the boys back home.



all rights reserved


Worries Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Indie/Rock/Folk from Lancaster, Pennyslvania.

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Track Name: Since Then
I've had to deal with deadlines, and drinking into ghosts.
It's been a while since then, when we walked around your home.

I saw your gaze move onto my hands,
as I drove recklessly through snow and sleet.
You asked me why I cut off all of your threads,
I was ashamed of almost everything.

We had no plans, just aspirations
no purpose.
And I can barely remember,
the names on the street signs.

I was sleeping in assumptions,
and the light seemed to creep over your face.
And your name rang from down the stairs.

You're wearing me out.
Why'd you call?
Like the sign down the street.
Oh, it's been a while.
Track Name: Winter
I never thought I'd say it,
As we sat there
Thinking our lives were based from
Electric wires,

"Last Winter wasn't even that cold"
Track Name: Houses, Gardens
I hear them singing, quite loudly
a few streets down
About gardens, and lack of sleep,
and about this week.

About how two years have passed, by in minutes,
how the mountains and fields, show no age.
About gardens, and lack of sleep,
and about this week.

I can hear them through the walls.
I can tell that your face is turning red.

I heard the bell ring,
one, two, three times.
The sun, the moon, the air.
Underneath your lungs,
you will always find me there.
Track Name: Foreign Arms
I'm done.
The warm air on my legs felt more than welcoming
As we drove your father's truck through all of the snow and sleet
You turned to me and said,
"Where are we?..

The windshield's crystallized
The roads are black and white
So hold my hand straight through this frozen night."
and I turned to you

I'm all right,
Keep drinking, keep on dancing
Keep your hand on mine,
and I'll carry you home.
I swear that we'll be fine,
Because we're above all else.

We'll try to keep our heads clear,
We'll try to keep our hands together.

I'll call you in the morning.
Track Name: West Queen
About a year ago, I saw a total stranger
pass out on the kitchen floor,
and I listened as everyone sang along
to songs of their friends,
and songs of past loves.
and how I wish, I knew those words

All for the sake of habit.

It was 3 am, and I chased my only friend
down and alleyway, somewhere in Brooklyn.
And maybe it was the rain, that caused this unsettling feeling
while you were out of breath,
and you were out of sight.
That we were all, and were only,

All for the sake of habit.
Track Name: Knots
Well, I am frozen within my folds
from life under porch light
and waiting outside in the cold,
while you would stand there on top of the stairs
with sleep in your motions and knots in your tangled hair.

My stomach is tangled up.

My eyes are stuck on you
from across the room
and I see that you’re tired.
I want to be tired too.

My stomach is tangled up.
I’ll lay my insides out on the floor
so we can see something
we’ve never seen before.

“My heart beats with yours
so much that my arms are shaking.”

“I’m glad,” I said.
Track Name: Dead
I fell asleep on blanket
under a tree in the afternoon.
I felt the birds sing and I felt your footsteps.
I felt vibrations of the train.

I fell asleep in a smoky apartment.
Dinner was left on the stove.
The kitchen looked like it always did
under the light of a heavy heart.

Tell me about a year ago,
by the house I used to draw
when I was bored, or sturdy, or uncomfortable,or serious, or calm,
because I find it strange that no one here has died yet.
Neither of us have died yet.

Tell me about three years ago,
by the house where we would dance when we were bored.
Dave’s art’s still on the walls,
constantly reminding that

no one here has died yet.
Neither of us has died yet.
Track Name: Smoke
I saw the smoke rise,
as it dissipated,
in front of my eyes,
I saw the sun go by.

I know of your imperfections,
I'm aware of what's been said,
you're still sitting in circles,
covered in confliction.

Make something from the top of your head,
we won't judge.
We'll just drown ourselves.

How could you forget, what pumps our blood?

Well the coffee cups, they kept us intertwined.